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Why haven’t I heard of this before? This idea simply must get out to small business owners across the USA”…Bill Horan, WHPC-FM “Secrets of Success” show.



Don't Bid!: Insider Secrets for Small Businesses to Benefit from Government Spending


If you have dreamed of landing a government contract, yet have no idea how to begin, the solution is simple: Begin with this book!

In her revolutionary book, Don't Bid!, small business wonk and government contracting guru Debi Einmo speaks to over twenty-eight million American small business owners: If you have dreamed of landing a government contract, yet have no idea how to begin, the solution is simple: Begin with this book!

Einmo shares her knowledge, both clearly and optimistically, and guides you through the workings of the SBA as she explains the basics of subcontracting, demonstrates methods for finding prime contractors ready to do business with you, then offers keen negotiation techniques for landing the deals. Einmo pulls from nearly twenty years' of experience working with leading government contractors in the USA, Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Debio Einmo

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This is the best kept secret in American Business today...the secret that the Small Business Administration doesn't want you to know. It's the secret I share with readers in my new book: Don't Bid! and the secret I offer on this website.

My clients have earned over $500 million of government contracting sales without bidding on government contracts.  These small business owners increased their revenues from 20% to 62% utilized existing resources and sold existing products or services. How did they do this?  Rather than bidding on contracts directly, they marketed themselves to large prime contractors who had already won the large government contracts.  They became subcontractors to the prime contractors, or in contract speak a Sub-to-the-Prime.

To benefit from government spending, without bidding on contracts, a small business owner needs only 3 key abilities to become a Sub-to-the-Prime:

  • Adaptability
  • Credibility
  • Sell-ability

If you and your company can adapt to changing criteria, possess suitable credentials in your industry, and can effectively sell your products or services…then you can grab your slice of the government spending pie and have your most profitable year yet!
This website contains a wealth of information…..Read the free articles, signup for the newsletter to learn insider tips, for complete information buy a copy of Don’t Bid!,  or contact me to arrange a personal conference for one-on-one expert assistance...I am here to help you and your company win without bidding!

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